Virgil has plead guilty and is currently awaiting sentencing in January. Conditions are difficult, but overall, he is doing okay.

He is currently limited to one 15 minute phone call per day, which greatly limits his ability to talk to his friends and family. The best way to reach him is through CorrLinks, where he can send and receive emails. He must first send you an invite before you can communicate. Please send an email to with the subject "CorrLinks" and we'll pass it along to him.

Needless to say, this is a very difficult time for him. He will need your support and friendship through CorrLinks messages. Just as more importantly, he will need letters of support from those who know him, to inform the judge of who he is and why he does not deserve a long sentence. We will have more information on the details of writing letters of support in December. Please let us know via an email to with the subject "Letter of Support" if you'd like to send a letter of support.

He is being held at the Manhattan Detention Complex in New York and will likely stay there until the sentencing in January. He can receive letters in the mail at the address:

                Dr. Virgil Griffith (79038112)
                MDC BROOKLYN
                P.O. Box 329002
                Brooklyn, NY  11232

More information on what he is allowed to receive in the mail can be found on the MDC web site.