Virgil has moved to Milan in Michigan.

He is a bit lonely as expected, but sounds like he is settling in to living on the inside. Read the website instructions carefully for more details.

Frequent snail mail letters are encouraged. Snail mail MUST be in a plain white envelope and be written on plain white paper. Letters may be typed or hand-written. Do not enclose stamps. Colors and illustrations are permitted. Photos, however, must be sent via The maximum number of photos he can receive per package is 25, so if you want to send more than 25 photos, sent multiple FreePrints packages. For reasons still unclear, sometimes mail to him gets lost. Although not required, sending via CERTIFIED MAIL guarantees he will receive it. Turnaround time is ~16 days. Books must come new, mailed directly from Amazon. If you do send Virgil a book, he does not know who sent it. So if you want a reply, please snailmail a letter around the same time.

            Virgil Griffith 79038-112
            Federal Correctional Institution
            PO Box 1000
            Milan, MI 48160-0190
When corresponding with Virgil: