Virgil has moved to Allenwood in Pennsylvania. All newcomers are temporarily in quarantine for their own protection before moving to general population beds. There will be a delay in his access to phones for 6 months and email for 8-10 months( starting June 2?). Thus, snail mail or visitation are the only communication possible for us until March, 2023. We are hoping that he will have limited visitation by August 1, but COVID restrictions change frequently, so communicate with Virgil a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

He is a bit lonely as expected, but sounds like he is settling in to living on the inside. Read the website instructions carefully for more details.

Frequent snail mail letters, magazine subscriptions and books are encouraged. Snail mail must be in a plain white envelope and written on plain paper. Any colors or printed illustrations will result in rejection. Turnaround time is 14-16 days. Do not send stamps or photos. Books must come new, mailed directly from Amazon.

            Virgil Griffith 79038-112
            P O Box 1000
            White Deer PA 17887-1000
            United States